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We love to collect shells to reflect the beauty of Mother Nature in our unique stained glass panels. Here are just a few samples. The nautilus shells have been sliced in half so that you can see the beauty of the shell's internal chambers. Some of the nautilus shells have been polished to an irridescent glow and others have been left nautural with the tiger stripes as found in nature. We are always experimenting with other shells and combinations.Feel free to call us or send an email if you would like to inquire about different colors, shapes, sizes or styles.
00065-Polished Clam Shell Panel 13" x 10" $129 00073-Nautilus Shell Panel 26" x 18" $450 00068-Nautilus Shell Panel 15" x 11" $149
00066-Nautilus Shell Panel in Hardwood Frame 15" x 13" $179 00070-Nautilus Shell Panel 16" x 16" $189 00069-Nautilus Shell Panel 15" x 12" $149
00067-Nautilus Shell Panel 14" x 9" $129 00072-Nautilus Shell Panel in Hardwood Frame 21" x 11" $229
00074-Turritello and Clam Shell Panel 19" round $329 00071-Nautilus Shell Panel 19" round $289 00075-Turritello and Clam Shell Panel 19" round $329


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