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Chesapeake Safe Harbor
This is a wonderful organization, rescuing and placing needy Chesapeake Bay Retrievers of all ages for 20 plus years. During this time period over 1,400 Chessies have found new homes thanks to the enormous unselfish love and efforts of Jane and Ron Peabody.

Profound Process
PRO-FOUND promotes Your Local Business with Unique, Affordable community-based programs designed to lower your marketing budget and attract and retain customers

The Steepleman
Belden Morse, well known for his steeple renovation work in Maine as "The Steeple People", offers his services as a consultant. With years of experience under his belt and a willingness to travel, Belden is the answer to all of your steeple needs.

Down East Hospice

Down East Hospice Volunteers is an all-volunteer non-profit program licensed by the state of Maine, serving residents of Washington County.


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