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Center for Maine Craft
The Center for Maine Craft is open daily at the West Gardiner Service Plaza. The Center offers works by over 300 Maine craft artists, musicians, authors, illustrators and artisan food producers. The Center maintains a constant calendar of educationsal and exciting programming.

Crow Tracks
Crow Tracks Woodcarving Gallery features the art of Roland LaVallee and is located in Eastport, Maine.

Home on the Grange
Thom Knowles crafts a variety of acoustic instruments and guitars. Beautiful inlay designs adorn each instrument. Exotic and local Maine woods produce a quality instrument with a distinctive warm, resonant sound. Jane Scanlon creates a selection of cards and prints based on photographs of local birds, flowers and nature. Email contact information:

Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival
Set in one of the most spectacular and pristine widlerness areas of New England, the small Washington County village of Grand Lake Stream comes alive for a unique gathering of talented folk artists, craftsmen, canoe and boatbuilders, quilters and musicians. Over the years the Grand Lake Stream Folk Art Festival has established its reputations as one of hte premier gatherings in New England.

Two Countries, One Bay Studio Tour
This is a great opportunity to see a variety of inspired art work, visit the studios of creative artists, and experience the international cultures of two distinct countries - eastern Maine, USA and southern New Brunswick, Canada - while enjoying en route the breath-taking coastal scenery of Passamaquoddy Bay.

United Maine Craftsmen
United Maine Craftsmen is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1969 to encourage the development of quality craftsmanship in Maine. They offer members an opportunity to exhibit their wares by promoting several shows throughout the state.




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